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English to Filipino Meaning
makuha, hindi tinatablan, hindi tinatagusan, patunay, matatag na ipiniinid, impenetrable
hindi tinatagusan, hindi maramdamin, hindi mapagdamay, walang tono, dungo

Impervious    :hindi tinatagusan


Impervious - hindi tinatagusan

Imperviously :: imperviously


Related Words

1. be impervious to reason :: maging tinatablan sa dahilan


1. unaffected by :: maaapektuhan ng

2. untouched by :: nagalaw sa pamamagitan ng

3. immune to :: immune na

4. invulnerable to :: hindi tinatablan sa

5. insusceptible to :: walang pakiramdam sa

6. resistant to :: lumalaban sa

7. indifferent to :: malamig ang loob sa

8. heedless of :: walang pakialam sa

9. insensible to :: walang malay sa

10. unconscious of :: hindi namamalayan ng

11. oblivious to :: wala sa loob na

12. proof against :: patunay laban


1. penetrable :: nalalagusan

2. permeable :: natatagusan

Different forms

impervious, imperviously

English to Filipino Dictionary: impervious
Meaning and definitions of impervious, translation in Filipino language for impervious with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of impervious in Filipino and in English language.

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What impervious means in Filipino, impervious meaning in Filipino, impervious definition, examples and pronunciation of impervious in Filipino language.

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