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Clay - (luad) :: The reason is that these countries are now competing in Europe on clay courts and attend tennis academies in Spain and France much to the advantage of the players

Epilogue - (epilogo) :: He leaves the house with the curse of his father but in the epilogue to the play his family accepts his decision

Saxophone - (saksopon) :: There are four flautists two percussionists five trumpet players a trombonist and a tuba player two alto saxophonists a soprano a tenor and a baritone sax one bassoon and twenty violins

Sound - (tunog) :: I heard the sound of a car

Tuneful - (mahimig) :: Bubbling sounds resounded tunefully around me


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Relief - (kaluwagan) :: relief team

Religion - (relihiyon) :: On the other they say religion has little power to bring peace and harmony to the world

Religious - (relihiyoso) :: Further among married couples and those with children religious beliefs and practices hold increased levels of significance

Rely - (umasa) :: It is impossible to grasp them in full by relying on a single specific example

Remain - (manatili) :: It amazed her how he continued to stay with her and remained in love with her


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Plethora - (kalabisan) :: With the development of plethora the number of reticulated cells in the blood decreased

Pliable - (sunud-sunuran) :: Well in clay animation each object is sculpted in clay or a similarly pliable material such as plasticine usually around an armature

Plumage - (plumahe) :: Variety in the lovebirds diet is the key to feather perfect plumage and a healthy bird


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Collar (tubong) :: He was hoping to collar someone who would tell him what was up

Sucker (pasusuhin) :: Then again I always was a sucker for Churchill

Frustrate (biguin) :: One of the reasons he was so hated was because he was frustrating what they wanted

Unrestricted (walang hangga) :: One obvious question arose would access to these archives really be free and unrestricted

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Preposition :: sa pamamagitan ng, sa panahon ng
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