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Atelier - (pagawaan ng damit) :: Many artists who were dislodged from the Mughal ateliers during the rule of Aurangzeb migrated to the Bikaner court in search of new patronage

Cello - (tselo) :: Two thirds of the children had some musical experience and those with orchestral skills played violins clarinets cellos flutes and saxophones

Falsetto - (palseto) :: Then he sprints off again and is soon delivering spinetingling power falsettos into his microphone

Hero - (bayani) :: The first dismissal arrived just two minutes later when Hale turned from hero to villain


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Frequent - (madalas) :: Once I considered frequent nursing to be the norm rather than a problem it made my life much easier

Frequently - (madalas) :: they go abroad frequently

Fresh - (sariwa) :: Easily accessible this tourist area is noted for its beauty and cool fresh mountain air

Friday - (Biyernes) ::


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Fallacious - (nakakalinlang) :: Nonetheless he has worked his way to becoming a committed supporter of free trade and in the two books we have here to consider he refutes a large number of fallacious arguments in favor of trade restrictions

Fallacy - (kamalian) :: Beardsley thought this theory correct and used it to argue that the intentional fallacy is indeed a fallacy

Fallible - (maaaring magkamali) :: Dr Martin Luther King Jr was also at times as fallible as the next human

Fallow - (hindi matamnan na lupa) :: In many cases fertility can be restored using crop rotation and fallow practices


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Steam (singaw) :: the last years of steam

Police (pulis) :: If there is a crime committed and the police go in with a search warrant they just seize whatever is relevant

Constitute (bumubuo) :: Since the partition of the country Muslims constitute only 11 percent of the population

Alligator (buwaya) :: My guess is that alligators and water moccasins outnumber race fans in the Homestead area which is south of Miami

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Adjective :: kumukurap, napakabastos, walang habas, mabisyo, mahalay, , imoral, alibugha, mapag-aksaya, aksaya, malibog
Noun :: babaero, napakabastos, walang habas, , magkalaykay, punitin, mahalay
Meaning :: napakabastos
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