English to Filipino Meaning :: adjudge

English to Filipino Meaning
mapagkaisahan, pagpasyahan, premyo, maghanap, hukom, magpasiya, lutasin, tumira, ayusin, tama, humirang, umayos
mapagkaisahan, bumaba sa, rumapido, magsalita nang masakit, ipagbawal gamitin, hilahin mo

Adjudge    :mapagkaisahan


Adjudge - mapagkaisahan

Adjudged :: ipinasiyang

Adjudges :: adjudges

Adjudging :: adjudging


Related Words

1. adjudge :: mapagkaisahan


1. judge :: hukom

2. deem :: ipalagay

3. find :: maghanap

4. pronounce :: bigkasin

5. proclaim :: ipahayag

6. rule :: patakaran

7. hold :: humawak

8. determine :: ipasiya

9. consider :: isaalang-alang

10. think :: mag-isip

11. rate :: rate

12. reckon :: magtuos

13. perceive :: maramdaman

14. believe :: maniwala

Different forms

adjudge, adjudged, adjudges, adjudging

English to Filipino Dictionary: adjudge
Meaning and definitions of adjudge, translation in Filipino language for adjudge with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of adjudge in Filipino and in English language.

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What adjudge means in Filipino, adjudge meaning in Filipino, adjudge definition, examples and pronunciation of adjudge in Filipino language.

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