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1. Abbess (pryora) :: There are many women who as abbesses or as ordinary nuns did much for learning and welfare
2. Abbey (kumbento) :: The abbey and college are also Ryedales second largest employer and trustees are asking planners to consider the benefits to the local economy
3. Abbot (pryor) :: Friaries were occupied by friars abbeys were headed by abbots priories by priors
4. Bible (bibliya) ::
5. Border (hangganan) :: Extra police officers are being posted at polling booths and on patrol duties and France has tightened controls along its border with Spain
6. Constitutionalism (konstitusyonalismo) :: And although American and British ideas of constitutional government dominated the first stage of the French Revolution the constitutionalists were soon swept aside by the dictatorship of the Jacobin club
7. Cremate (sunugin ang bangkay) :: Well I have always talked about my body being cremated and then having the ashes dispersed on a park or a garden
8. Deacon (dyakono) :: In fact there were a few evangelicals sprinkled here and there a deacon from Alabama a minister from Maryland or a faithbased community service leader in a few states
9. Dictatorship (diktadura) :: Religious dominance of politics will only push democracy into anarchy and dictatorship
10. Exorcism (pagpaalis ng demonyo) :: The retired priest is one of a team of 12 exorcists in the diocese called out to deal with haunted buildings and occult disturbances
11. Expansionism (paglaganap) :: A brilliant commander who gloried in battle he was indeed an expansionist
12. Muezzin (muedsin) :: As the sun goes down the muezzins begin their calls to evening prayer from the minarets
13. Novice (baguhan) :: Similarly a young novice entered St Martins cell and was puzzled not to find him there
14. Peacemaker (tagapamayapa) :: Our position has been applauded by the United Nations as a step towards nonproliferation and peacemaking
15. Rebirth (bagong pagsilang) :: But the point of ego dissolution required to exist in a state of selfless divine love is also one of death and rebirth
16. Reborn (isilang na muli) :: But next Sunday in Clones a reborn Down team will take on reigning National League Champions Tyrone in a final that promises to deliver a contest of passion and football fervour
17. Run (tumakbo) :: Overhead fans run all day during the summer and the water in the pools is changed frequently
18. Thaw (paglusaw) :: To use thaw the dough in the fridge until it is soft enough to handle
19. Theology (teolohiya) :: He must be committed to and must have studied Reformed and Baptist theology
20. Transatlantic (transatlantiko) :: The white population grew rapidly up to about 1660 when it reached 47000 constituting some 40 per cent of all the whites in Britains transatlantic colonies

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