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1. Ubiquitous (nasa lahat ng pook) :: The electric guitar has become a ubiquitous presence in virtually all forms of popular music
2. Umbrage (sama ng loob) :: Seems that some conservatives took umbrage at comments by the writer Joe Staten
3. Unalloyed (walang halo) :: Overall the American triumph was not unalloyed
4. Unctuous (masyadong madulas) :: No further questions your Honor the prosecutor concluded unctuously folding his hands and leaning forward with a slight simper that made Peter retch
7. Undermine (papanghinain) :: And it is this influence which is understandably resented by many who see it as insidiously undermining our own culture
9. Underscore (magbigay-diin) :: This review underscores just how seriously these budget cuts are impacting the university Allen said
10. Underwrite (isiguro ang ari-arian) :: Customs accused Mr Graham of having a financial interest in the company because he agreed to underwrite any losses
11. Unequivocal (malinaw) :: Asked if either of those substances were relevant to the treatment of colic his answer is precise and unequivocal
13. Unfrock (tanggalan ng makakaluluwang dangal) :: At a council held at Westminster in October 1163 Henry demanded that criminous clerks should be unfrocked by the Church and handed over to the lay courts for punishment
14. Unprecedented (walang uliran) :: You had the massacre in Nepal again an unprecedentedly dramatic story you had the VajpayeeMusharraf summit which saw the media lose its perspective and from the South you had all that whipped up drama over the Karunanidhi arrest
16. Unscathed (hindi nasaktan) :: All in all its probably a good thing that my mum got away unscathed
17. Untoward (hindi mabuti) :: People always blame the legal system whenever something untoward happens
18. Unwitting (walang malay) :: He was given a shot at sexist type reversion when commenting on the recently published parallel parking formula written by an unwitting female
19. Upbraid (pagsalitaan) :: In her grief Alison upbraids Henry There is none but me to know one thing that you were a traitor to him in your heart
20. Uproarious (nagkakagulo) :: The riotous events that follow hurtle uproariously through the life of this extraordinary man and hero of the people explained a theatre spokesperson

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