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1. Baleful (masama) :: The gaze of pale blue eyes fell upon his face fully a cold glare baleful bitter rough but at the same time lonely and easy to hurt
2. Balk (biglang tumigil) :: To top it all of he balked in a run with the bases loaded capping a threerun rally
3. Balm (balsamo) :: Anyone who has ever had a friend comment on their music collection in a less than favourable fashion will find this article balm for their troubled soul
4. Banal (karaniwan) :: She loathes Hollywood finds it distasteful and banal hates the idea of her art being tainted by commerce
5. Banality (pagkakaraniwan) :: The 44page glossy booklet contains the usual banalities designed to mean all things to all men
7. Bard (Bard) :: These two kinds of periodicity may coincide as in carefully endstopped lines or in the formulae chosen over centuries by the bards of oral traditions
9. Bastion (balwarte) :: Yesterday the four climbers fixed 400 meters of ropes along the rocky section above C4 until they were stopped by a rock bastion wall at about 8300m
10. Befuddle (malasing) :: A very befuddled teenager soon found himself pushed and locked out of the room
11. Begrudge (mainggit) :: Not that I begrudge a penny of the money that this Country has spent on helping these people not a bit of it
12. Beguile (lumibang) :: The answer is that he was beguiled into thinking about language and the world in terms of a particular model
13. Belabor (pumalo) :: Tyndale seized every opportunity to belabor the Roman Church
14. Beleaguer (kumubkob) :: The fateful day dawned and still the city was beleaguered on every side while within its walls the Aztecs were dying of famine and plague
15. Belie (magbigay ng maling akala) :: Other stunts were also impressive and belied the low budget of the film overall
16. Belittle (maliitin) :: I expected something like a slap or maybe some sort of words of belittlement
17. Bellicose (paladigma) :: At the end of the 19th century people were full of hope and expectations of a more peaceful more contented less bellicose world
18. Belligerent (mapanlaban) :: His team has played a particularly belligerent and aggressive brand of cricket and I think theyre the benchmark against which other international cricket teams have judged themselves
19. Bemoan (tumangis) :: It also bemoans the citys refusal to release the dossiers to the people discussed within them
20. Benevolent (mapagkawanggawa) :: These organisations project a reputation of being caring considerate and benevolent

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