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1. sack (sako) :: Packing sheds were constructed for growers to sort and sack the potatoes for shipment
2. sad (malungkot) :: It is a sad story and ironic in a way because so many French couples dont want children
5. safe (ligtas) :: No one bill can guarantee that well be safe from a terrorist attack
7. safety (kaligtasan) :: Colorific markers also feature ventilated safety caps to prevent choking
8. sail (maglayag) :: Initially river transport was by sail and rowboat mechanical means did not appear until the arrival of paddlesteamers in the early 1830s
9. sailing (paglalayag) :: The rights and wrongs of affecting the public of disrupting ferry sailings and travelling plans for the 3000 people which the port authorities said were due to use the ferryport during the day have been well debated at this stage
10. sailor (mandaragat) :: Hamnavoe is a great ship Im not a good sailor but I have never been sick on it yet even in rough weather which was not the case with the Ola
12. salary (suweldo) :: For many teachers of state schools monthly salaries do not cover their daily needs
13. sale (pagbebenta) :: Privatization without flotation on the stock market means either a management buyout or sale by tender
14. salt (asin) :: In some such compounds the hydrogen atom in the carboxyl group is neutralized by reaction with a base to form the metal salt of the fatty acid
15. salty (maalat) :: For instance a little sourness from lime or lemon juice in a stirfry will emphasise saltiness and reduce the amount of salt required
16. same (pareho) :: Its funny how different people remember the same event in different ways
18. sand (buhangin) :: Beneath the dense vegetation are layer upon layer of sand clay and limestone that were deposited or created by ancient seas

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