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1. habit (ugali) :: Jens got a bad habit of working too hard on something though
2. hair (buhok) :: her shoulderlength fair hair
3. hairdresser (magkukulot) :: Thoroughfares in and out of the cities are lined with innocent looking hairdressers and beauty parlours
4. half (kalahati) :: If he plays half for the Knights today though I hope the selectors watch him
5. hall (bulwagan) :: Judging form the light it was about mid afternoon when the door at the end of the hall rattled open and a man came walking up the corridor heels clicking against concrete
6. hammer (martilyo) :: I also need a hammer and nails picture hooks and the step ladder
7. hand (kamay) :: Never check in the laptop as luggage keep it with you as hand baggage
8. handle (hawakan) :: handle the fruit carefully
9. hang (sabit) :: If you feel there will be no strikethrough or bleeding issues hang your new paper
10. happen (mangyari) :: do you happen to know who her doctor is
11. happily (maligaya) :: Happily it is very seldom that we have to record an event so disgraceful to young men as that which took place on Sunday on the Harlem River
12. happy (masaya) :: We are more than happy to advise residents of how not to cause a nuisance to their neighbours
13. hard (mahirap) :: The girl nodded at Simon and punched him so hard he was forced into one of the dirt walls
14. hardly (bahagya) :: Rather and company may have been fed phony documents but the basic story is obviously true and hardly disputed
15. harm (pinsala) :: Another misconception is that raceconscious admission policies somehow shame or harm underrepresented students of color
16. harmful (nakasasama) :: Brian looked like the romantic idealistic and harmfully quixotic sort
17. harmless (hindi makasasama) :: Although there has never been a recorded death from the overuse of cannabis it is not harmless
18. hat (sombrero) :: Straw hats vary in style indicating either where the hat was made or where the wearer is from
19. hate (mapoot) :: Threats and public verbal abuse were common as was persuading friends and family to join hate campaigns
20. hatred (pagkamuhi) :: Britain must be free to act against extremists who stir up hatred and incite terrorism

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