English to Filipino Meaning :: pertinacious

matibay, naninindigan, matigas, mapilit, matatag
Pertinacious :
- naninindiganpertinaciously

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Adjective(1) stubbornly unyielding

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(1) He knew she was only so pertinacious out of her love for him.(2) His enquiries were pertinacious .(3) He was a pertinacious controversialist, but in any personal discussion his humorous twinkle was disarming.(4) Well, I shall now offer a balanced view based on the facts before me: I find your attempts quite perspicacious and pertinacious , and wish you well accordingly.(5) I remember that for years I pertinaciously read comic strips, unable to see what Americans saw in them.(6) I want no greater proof of the corruption of human nature than the pertinacity with which we seek happiness where happiness cannot be found.(7) The Spanish Scholastics remain profoundly admired by Catholics as the great intellects they were - unthinkable if they had pertinaciously taught perverse error.(8) If, in the face of these facts, somebody still insists that the boundaries of the Sikh religion are blurred, it is sheer pertinacity .(9) The gravity which Albert applied to court life in the south was applied with equal pertinacity to the serious business of recreation in the north.(10) This was returned to Buckingham Palace in 1947, largely through the pertinacity of Queen Mary.(11) In both instances, it's a good advertisement for pertinacity .
1. determined ::
2. tenacious ::
magaling ang memorya
3. persistent ::
5. purposeful ::
6. resolute ::
walang tinag
7. dogged ::
8. indefatigable ::
walang pagod
9. insistent ::
10. single-minded ::
11. unrelenting ::
matigas ang puso
12. relentless ::
walang awa
13. tireless ::
walang humpay
14. unshakable ::
hindi matinag
15. stubborn ::
matigas ang ulo
16. obstinate ::
matigas ang ulo
17. inflexible ::
18. unbending ::
matigas ang kalooban
1. agreeable ::
2. amenable ::
3. compliant ::
4. flexible ::
5. pliable ::
6. pliant ::
Different Forms
pertinacious, pertinaciously
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