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Vocalist - (mang-aawit) :: Well we have 3 songwriters and 3 vocalists so we have a few different styles


Retake - (pagkuhang muli) :: Dawn had to retake her driving test

Stream - (sapa) :: I spat out a stream of the clear liquid quickly before tumbling out of the bathtub face first as I surfaced


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Adequate - (sapat) :: We concentrated on the failure of the trust to give the school fair treatment and adequate support

Adjust - (isaayos) :: She was immediately sent to New York taking her vows in Tarrytown and quickly adjusted to religious life

Admiration - (paghanga) :: I must express my sympathy for his situation and respect and admiration for his courage

Admire - (humanga) :: Presumably as a teacher of law he admires and respects such contracts and declarations

Admit - (umamin) :: There is a difference between refusing to admit evidence and not reading it at all


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Ornate - (gayak na gayak) :: On the other hand Vivaldis ornate writing for solo voices is much in evidence

Orthodox - (ayon sa kaugalian) :: But as Koerner amply demonstrates Linnaeus was scarcely an orthodox thinker in any realm

Ossify - (maging buto) :: As two business scholars observed Yesterdays winning formula ossifies into todays conventional wisdom before petrifying into tomorrows tablets of stone

Ostentatious - (bongga) :: Hey you people in love do you have to be so ostentatious about it


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Convertible (mapapalitan) :: This lets workers do the convertible roof assembly allowing convertibles to go down the same line as the sedans

Bereave (maulila) :: This programme is to help people to come to terms with loss through bereavement or separation

Capitulation (pagsuko ayon sa kasunduan) :: Fighting ceased on October 2 with the formal capitulation of the Home Army forces

Penurious (miserable) :: Whether this is a misprint or calculated penuriousness the move seems serious as there are now indeed proper staff manning the kitchen

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Verb :: humanga, makatuliro, patumbahin, magpataka, mamangha, magulantang, , makoryente, lituhin, malasing, malas, palaisipan, pagsugod, hindi makaimik
Meaning :: humanga, hindi makaimik
Noun :: sorpresa, magtaka, milagro, labis na pagtataka, pagkamangha, humanga, paghanga
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