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Salon - (salon) :: In their heyday in the 19th century exhibitions like the Salon and the Summer Show were events of great social and artistic importance

Right - (karapatan) :: The company is certainly right not to allow its business decisions to be dictated by a single ratings agency

Butcher - (magkakatay ng karne) :: Ive even seen her helping to butcher cattle much to the surprise of the soldiers

Queue - (pila) :: When packets are dropped this way a new entry is stored in a special queue of unresolved addresses

Account - (account) :: I began buying things on account


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Favour - (paboran) :: Do us a favour Read this book and listen to this tape

Fear - (takot) :: There was a look of genuine fear in his eyes unsure as to whether or not she was real

Feather - (balahibo) :: Following this he feathered the three propellers then unfeathered one at a time in an attempt to restart at least one engine without success

Feature - (tampok) :: Such a capacity to identify and contrast peoples by distinguishing characteristics is a feature of a sense of national identity


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Jaded - (pinagod) :: They confront the demons that plague their lives betrayal suspicion guilt and loss hope and fading aspirations not only with Garys mordant jadedness but with plainspoken sincerity

Jamb - (hamba) :: Extend window and door jambs as needed so they will be flush with the face of the new paneling

Jargon - (magulong pag-uusap) :: Bunetts prose is often loaded with arty jargon and heavyweight expressions that are virtually incomprehensible

Jaundiced - (may kinakampihan) :: Intravenous cholangiography is rarely used now as opacification of the bile ducts is poor particularly in jaundiced patients and anaphylaxis remains a problem

Jaunt - (pasyal) :: Ed Stewart Radio 2 Disc Jockey has been jaunting off to Pattaya to play golf


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Clasp (mahigpit na pagkakahawak) :: Why is it then that recipients have to wait for periods any greater than one month to receive their medal or clasp

Induce (ibuyo) :: As a result any given stimulus will reliably induce the same effect in the dependent sense in an individual

Splendiferous (pinakamarilag) :: The important thing is that youve been won over to the splendiferousness of the Decemberists

Frump (pangit na babae) :: Do you risk frumpiness and actually use the provided shoulder strap

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