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Shower - (paliguan) :: a shower of stones

Houseboat - (houseboat) :: But we also want people who own houseboats to look at their own boats

Reconstruct - (muling itayo) :: From our talks with the victims and their neighbours in almost every riothit spot we could reconstruct the sequence of events which followed a stereotyped pattern everywhere

Drape - (damasko) :: Mysore Silk sarees have a distinctive drape grainy effect and are washable to a very high degree

Fountain - (fountain) :: However the large stone fountain in front was still running shooting water from three different places


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Inform - (ipagbigay-alam) :: It repeated a call for offenders to surrender and for others to inform on them

Informal - (impormal) :: We immediately relaxed into the restaurants friendly informal atmosphere

Information - (impormasyon) :: a vital piece of information

Ingredient - (sangkap) :: Place the first six ingredients in a food processor and whizz until smooth then splash in a slug of Kirsch

Initial - (una) :: Frankly the initial material and words of advice in Wine Fundamentals are absolutely superb and sensible


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Flustered - (tarantado) ::

Fly-by-night - (lumipad sa gabi) ::

Foible - (kahinaan sa pagkatao) :: To read him one feels is to know him foibles and all

Foment - (mang-upat) :: But by the same token its not a good thing for them to be fomenting world opinion against us either

Foolhardy - (walang hunos-dili) :: Regiments travelled extensively to attack each other and a host of enemies who were foolhardy enough to provoke us


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Twitch (kibit) :: his mouth gave a slight twitch

Stamp (selyo) :: These people are permitted into Korea because the visa stamp in their passports is legal and bona fide

Generality (kasaklawan) :: I know the generality of them therefore I am loathe to put in an opinion when I do not know the full facts

Milieu (kapaligiran) :: Merton and Barber reveal social milieus to be productive or receptive to the concept

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