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Great - (malaki) :: This comes in a great handy little size and is very trendy and a very good price

Undertaker - (mamamakyaw ng trabaho) :: Last December he had the first of four cardiac arrests which made him so ill he consulted solicitors to make a will and undertakers to plan his funeral and even ordered his gravestone

Care - (pag-aalaga) :: These are the best days of training with good friends and without a care in the world

Daughter - (anak na babae) :: This paper examines Tsuga no yume Naku tori no and Boshi which detail the reality of motherhood and daughterhood in a nuclear family under the patriarchal system

Infancy - (pag-uumpisa) :: People learn to make visual sense of faces and other items of interest often during infancy and early childhood but sometimes over much longer periods


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Accommodation - (tuluyan) :: Look a little sideways occasionally but most of all remember accommodation to darkness may take up to a half an hour

Accompany - (samahan) :: Golden yellow and rich brown hues accompany fresh floral accents and ruggedly attractive iron light fixtures

According to - (ayon kay) ::

Accurate - (tama) :: accurate information


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Tranquil - (matiwasay) :: Only calm remained as still and tranquil as the ocean after a tempestuous storm

Transcendental - (transendental) :: Of the irrational transcendental numbers pi seems to get all the attention

Transcribe - (isalin sa ibang papel) :: Surely we cant take him seriously given the G major Concerto he did complete and the D major Concerto he transcribed for flute

Transgress - (lumabag sa isang batas) :: In my opinion I was transgressing standards of acceptable female behaviour women are supposed to smile to happily ornament the streets

Transient - (lumilipas) :: Thanks to their dazzling diversity of color furtive nature and transient presence warblers and their fellow neotropical migrants monopolize spring birding


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Nictitate (kumindat) ::

Loquacious (bungangera) :: A selfimposed career hiatus has kept this eloquent loquacious and unpretentious streetstyle guy from touring around these parts since the late 90s

Regular (regular) :: regular clergy

Congratulate (batiin) :: His real sentiments were likely far from congratulatory

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