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Connect - (ikabit) :: His fall was postponed just long enough for the first blow to connect with his right side lifting him off his feet for an instant

Output - (output) :: Agricultural production from the basin represents 41 per cent of the national output from rural industries

Backspace - (backspace) :: He backspaced the word PORN and replaced it with the word VIOLENCE

Virtual - (virtual) :: Since students only need the Internet to access the virtual computer lab no physical presence oncampus is required


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Laboratory - (laboratoryo) :: True some laboratory rats developed tumours after being fed relatively large amounts daily for two years

Labour - (trabaho) :: The company is planning to sell or lease the mine and operate it using casual labour and new technology

Lack - (kakulangan) :: due to lack of space

Lady - (babae) :: One of the old stock she was a real lady and will be fondly remembered in the area for her many acts of kindness


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Avaricious - (sakim) :: Clearly an ambitious and avaricious individual she began to specialise in offering services to women who did not want to keep their newborn babies

Aver - (sabihin nang buong tiwala) :: September 1973 he avers was the result of the devastating collapse of the Chilean economy and Chiles increasing polarized political environment

Aversion - (kaayawan) :: Our palates all have the same five types of detectors the same aversion to bitter and mania for sweet

Baleful - (masama) :: The gaze of pale blue eyes fell upon his face fully a cold glare baleful bitter rough but at the same time lonely and easy to hurt

Balk - (biglang tumigil) :: To top it all of he balked in a run with the bases loaded capping a threerun rally


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Henna (henna) :: Also increasing in popularity in the United States is body painting with henna

Assemblage (katipunan) :: This work represents one of the best of such compilations a rich and comprehensive assemblage of the central documents that guided US actions during the Second World War

Coupling (pagkabit) :: In fact he added some passionate smooching set not long after the mens initial coupling that was in neither the short story nor the script

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Adjective :: hindi pinag-aralan, hindi pa nababasa, walang pinag-aralan, , karaniwan, pambihira, kusang-loob, hindi pinaghirapan
Meaning :: lundo, , matamis ang dila, hindi pinag-aralan, malambot, walang muwang
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